Keeping you safer on the roads…Install an Electronic Stability Control in your caravan.

The AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ALKO ESC)has been designed to improve your safety while towing a caravan.  The Electronic Stability system is designed to work whenever it identifies a critical driving situation that could lead to losing control of your caravan.

How does Electronic Stability Control work?

AL-KO ESC is an electronic brake system that automatically responds to the driving behaviour of the caravan and takes necessary action immediately.  A sensor sits under the caravan to monitor any critical sideways movements.  If you need to suddenly swerve to avoid a car or an animal, it’s important to gain complete control of your caravan as quickly as possible and an ESC makes sure that happens. With an ESC installed, the system will detect this sudden sideways movement and immediately applies the caravan’s electric brakes.  This will bring the caravan back into line and will maintain its stability.

Install an ALKO ESC to get discounted caravan insurance!

CIL Insurance offers discounted caravan insurance premiums if you have an AL-KO Electronic Stability Control system fitted to your caravan. Find out more about this offer at CIL Insurance.

Adelaide Caravan Repairs are certified to install an AL-KO ESC in your caravan.  For more information about this Electronic Stability Control please call us on 08 8261 8442.