Regular servicing and maintenance of your caravan is important.

Purchasing a caravan is a big investment and to keep your RV in top working condition it’s critical that you maintain and service it regularly. 

Just like your car, regular caravan servicing will maintain its reliability, safety and road worthiness.  The industry recommendation is to get your caravan serviced every 12 months or 10, 000kms by a qualified technician. Getting your caravan servicing completed by a professional will ensure issues are identified early and repaired to prevent further complications and avoid a serious accident.

Preventative regular maintenance on your caravan is also essential to keeping your family safe and avoiding disasters on your next adventure. If your caravan is not maintained properly it can be dangerous and costly to repair, so we have put together a few tips for you on caravan storage and maintenance:

Caravan Storage Tips:

  • Always store your caravan carefully.  A garage or undercover area is the best place to store your caravan, but if this is not possible then you should look at using a breathable cover.
  • When storing your caravan for periods of time it is best to:
  • Jack the caravan to protect the tyres
  • Remove soft furnishings; such as curtains and cushions
  • Remove any perishable food items
  • Clean out the fridge completely and keep the door open to prevent mildew
  • Switch off all gas bottles and appliances
  • Switch off electrical appliances

Caravan Maintenance Tips:

  • Regularly inspect the van for any signs of damage to the outside or seals.
  • Check the tyres to look for any signs of wear and tear.
  • Ensure all internal lights are working and check the road lights for damage or dirty lenses. If necessary clean them and replace bulbs.  It’s also a good idea to have replacement light bulbs available when travelling.
  • Ensure all leads and plugs connecting to your car are correctly connected and working.
  • Take your RV for a test run to make sure the brakes are still working.  You can also check the handbrake is still in good condition.
  • When your van is not in use we recommend charging your battery once a month.
  • For your safety smoke alarms should be checked and their batteries replaced regularly.  You should also make sure that the fire extinguisher is still in date.
  • Cleaning your RV regularly will keep it looking as good as new and in tip top condition as leaving your caravan dirty can deteriorate the surface.  Also avoid using high pressure cleaners as water might get into gaps or weak seals.
  • Having clean water is important, so check the water tanks and hoses for any signs of leaking, mould, rust or cracking. 

As a caravan owner it’s important to look after your caravan well to ensure your family’s safety and comfort when travelling and to avoid costly repairs. Also if your van has been damaged recently we can help, we are the experts in caravan repairs Adelaide.

If you would like further information on caravan servicing call us on 08 261 8442.  Our qualified technicians are experienced in caravan repairs and servicing and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.