Caravan Electric Brake Controller Installation

Most caravans and campers manufactured now have electric brakes fitted and in order for them to work you must have an electric brake controller installed in your car.  An electric brake controller is an essential device to ensure your safety when towing a caravan, camper or trailer.

Australian legislation now states that all towed trailers or caravans weighing more than 750kg must be fitted with independent brakes.  Electric brakes are the most common and in order for them to work you need to install a brake controller in the tow vehicle.

How Electronic Brake Controllers work?

An electric brake controller is a device that is mounted to the dashboard of the tow vehicle that detects when you are braking; this then engages the electric brakes in your caravan or trailer.  Brake controllers are connected to the vehicle’s brake lights, which allow them to detect when you are braking.  The brake controller then sends an electric current to your caravan’s brakes to activate them. 

Using a brake controller ensures the caravan’s brakes come on automatically when you apply your vehicle’s brakes. If your caravan or trailer has electric brakes, you must install an electric brake controller for the caravan brakes to work. 

Types of Caravan Electronic Brake Controllers

There are many types and different brands of electric brake controllers available on the market and which one you choose depends on the size of your caravan and your needs.  It’s important to select a brake controller that is suitable to your needs.

The two main types of brake controllers are time delay and motion sensing. Time delay brake control devices supply a pre-determined amount of power over a set period to the electric brakes when the tow vehicle stops. This type of controller requires the driver to adjust the time and power controls depending on the road conditions.  Generally the time delay brake controllers are less expensive however they can place more wear and tear on the electric brakes.

Motion sensing brake control devices can sense when and how the tow vehicle is braking and sends out enough power to the caravan’s brakes so they are activated at the same intensity as the vehicle. When adjusted correctly the caravan will decelerate at the same speed as the vehicle.  This increases your braking efficiency and gives you a smoother braking action.  Motion sensing brake controllers are able to change to every braking situation differently.

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